U.S. Damned If It Does – Damned If It Doesn’t

 The article quotes an unknown “former Haitian Defence Minister said: “We don’t need the soldiers in Haiti. There’s no war here.”” Something to think about – right! God knows Haiti’s had many Defense Ministers in its struggles throughout the years. Haiti’s also had help from the U.S. military during those years…Read More:

U.S. Damned If  It Does – Damned If It Doesn’t – http://hubpages.com/_1jlqz2sadegzu/hub/US-Damned-If-It-Does-Damned-If-It-Doesnt



Trapped – Preying on Haitian Children

Now comes news of “Predators Stalk Haiti’s Vulnerable Kids”. They stalk children like prey yelling – “Manje, manje,” Creole for “eat.” Children that are hungry, thirsty, homeless and alone hear some stranger say there’s a place to get food. Read More: Trapped
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Do you know someone who needs a mission done for them?

Next week I want us to do another big shared mission, where we all work together to help one person, much like we did when we sent letters of love, hope and encouragement to the little girl with brain cancer.

I’m thinking it’ll be very quick and easy, because I want to do this one online, not in the physical space. What I’m looking for is someone who has a blog, and has very recently expressed some kind of sorrow or grief on their site, and could use a little pick-me-up. I’m thinking we can surprise them with dozens (or hundreds) of comments on that post letting them know that there are people out here who do care for them. So if you know someone like that or have recently come across a blog post that fits the bill, please respond to this email and let me know about it. Send me the link too, so I can look through them all and pick one person to help next week. Thanks.

Also, we had our first meetup last week, as most of you are probably aware from the invitation I sent out a while ago. For a summary of our time together, you can see the latest blog post. Thanks to all who came and helped make it a success!

  The Mission

Do something small and helpful (and winter-related) this week for someone. Shovel their walk in addition to yours, clear the snow off their car for them before they leave work for the night . . . something like that.

I understand that some of our members aren’t in the winter season right now, but the vast majority of us are. And with the cold, snow and ice, it’s sometimes a pain to go through all the maintenance required during this time. Let’s use this week to warm their hearts. <– INSERT CHEESY PHRASE HERE – CHECK

Please share what you did for this mission; I’m interested to hear how it went. Here’s the link to the topic on the forum site.