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  1. SALLY SITWELL came to comment on the Hubpages.com article EOS-CCA Scam. SALLY doesn’t like it being pointed out that she’s rude, uneducated and a bully. A bully because she tried to intimidate by name calling, shouting (all caps) and when all else fails, her tone is always angry. She comments because she can’t or won’t read – her opinion is all that counts. This makes her comment tacky and useless. When SALLY’s comments are deleted without being published, she goes vile! SALLY SITWELL the bully needs many prayers for those who are so inclined. Come back often SALLY. (;-((

  2. “Look, we aren’t proud of our high school ways. But it turns out back in the day at the Cranbook School, if you were gay, had uncool hair, were a near-sighted teacher, or weren’t rich, Mitt Romney would’ve probably bullied you for he was a feared “Day Student,” a menacing “Cranny” if you will.” – The Atlantic Wire – Thu, May 10, 2012

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