The Mob, the Police, and the Girl

  The Mob, the Police, and the Girl

How did a 16 year old girl help take down the mob?

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After Active Duty

Military families in your community may need your help or they could fall through the cracks.  There is an increase in suicide and abuse.  There are so many stories in the news, I am not going to repeat them here.  War changes people.  We are not a war-like people.  War came to us at Pearl Harbor and 9/11! 

The Army learned notheing from Viet Nam.  Got to take care of the troops after they get home.  Too many flash backs, and bad experiences.  Killing people and seeing dead bodies effects normal people. 

If you see a person/family in trouble – do something! 




4 Year Old Shoots Babysitter

An angry four-year-old shot his babysitter after he accidentally stepped on the child’s foot, US police have said.  That’s so sad.  If you step on someone’s foot by accident, you could get shot.  Worse the shooter could be a 4 year old!  What happened to childhood and playing with TOYS?  Do some parents thinks guns are toys?  The 4 year old knew how to shot.  Who taught him?  Can he even spell gun?!!