Interview with Seymour Turkey remembering his cousins

Palin with the fox she skinned

Seymour Turkey consented to be interviewed on the second anniversary of the demise of several family members.


Florida Cracks You Up

Rick Scott - Honest?

Putting #politics and #FL in the same sentence could be considered “cracking a joke.”  Florida cracks you up

The Nobel Peace Prize Goes to President Barack Obama

 Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize Thursday, October 9, 2009. President Barack Obama’s been in office nine months. He ran on a platform of “Change”- “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”Barack Obama. Change the World, that’s why President Obama won the Peace Prize.

President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

It was announced this morning October9, 2009, that the first Black (biracial) President of the United States won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? Obama’s election and foreign policy moves caused a dramatic improvement in the image of the U.S. around the world. We need all the help we can get! 

The Nobel committee praised Obama’s creation of “a new climate in international politics” and said he had returned multilateral diplomacy and institutions like the U.N. to the center of the world stage.

“You have to remember that the world has been in a pretty dangerous phase,” Jagland said. “And anybody who can contribute to getting the world out of this situation deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.”

9-11 The Days After

This article focuses on civilian federal workers who showed up for work, and kept the government going the days after 9-11.  There were many civilian and military personnel killed that day as well. There were thousands of people age 3 to 71 killed in the attack in Washington, DC, New York City and Somerset, Pennsylvania. Our story begins September 12, 2001, and ends with the report of those killed at the Pentagon – civilians and military.

Health Care Reform – When?

According to a published CNN article, a woman asked Rep. Allen Boyd the other day if health-care reform proposals would force people to let the government access their bank accounts. OK can we not checkout emails, spam and friends with good intentions before being so gullible. The government doesn’t need health care reform to get into your bank account. That’s what the IRS does! Every year when you file your taxes, you tell the IRS EVERYTHING by April 15th of every year, and some stuff the IRS never asked you.

Health Care Reform – Why?   insurancecoverage

Remote Area Medical® is a publicly supported all-volunteer charitable organization founded in 1985. Doctors, nurses, pilots, veterinarians all volunteer and support workers partake in mission (at their own expense) in some of the world’s most exciting places. Donations of medical supplies, medicines, facilities and vehicles are made.

So what’s so remote about Inglewood, California?

Politically Connected National Institutes of Heath (NIH)

NIH Main Campus, MD

NIH Main Campus, MD

Politically Connected National Institutes of Heath (NIH)
National Institutes of Health (NIH) was earmarked for approximately $10 billion dollars in the Stimulus Plan.