TGIF~Co-Pilot of United Flight 93

LeRoy Homer, Jr. served on active duty at the 18th Military Airlift Squadron at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.


9-11 The Days After

This article focuses on civilian federal workers who showed up for work, and kept the government going the days after 9-11.  There were many civilian and military personnel killed that day as well. There were thousands of people age 3 to 71 killed in the attack in Washington, DC, New York City and Somerset, Pennsylvania. Our story begins September 12, 2001, and ends with the report of those killed at the Pentagon – civilians and military.

Army to report record number of suicides

The U.S. Army will report Thursday the highest level of suicides among its soldiers since it began tracking the rate 28 years ago. Time for the troops to come home.  Don’t believe me, visit the 18-19 years amputees at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC.

Secretary of the Army Pete Geren congratulates Sgt. Kelly Keck after presenting him a Purple Heart at Walter Reed Medical Center.

9 Muslim passengers kicked off flight after remark

WASHINGTON – Nine Muslim passengers were kicked off a flight from Washington, D.C., to Florida after other passengers reported hearing a suspicious remark about airplane security.

I am Black woman.  I got stopped at BWI by security for saying “Good Morning” to housekeeping in the woman’s bathroom.  I guess if I was on the plane, I would have been kicked off. 

My point is are we a paranoid country, seeing terrorists everywhere?  Do we go into 2009 afraid to speak greetings to strangers?  Is this 1984?  Yes, we should be aware of strange and unusual people, events, things….we should be alert.  What do you think?