Sexism and Harassment in the Air Marshal’s Program

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Dear Friends,

Most of us have enough to be worried about when it comes to air safety and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) without having to fear bad behavior or dereliction of duty by some of our own air marshals. That’s why I called for a full investigation of the TSA’s Air Marshal Service two years ago, after I received a number of complaints from whistleblowers about mismanagement, bigotry and sexism in the Service.

Air marshals are supposed to guard against terrorists on airplanes, not fall asleep in flight or sexually harass coworkers, as is now being reported. The results of the inspector general’s investigation I called for are coming out this week – and, it’s clear from the report there have been some serious problems.

There is “a great deal of tension, mistrust and dislike between non-supervisory and supervisory personnel in field offices around the country,” the reports states. The full report is due out tomorrow. Last night both ABC and CBS ran news stories on the findings. You can watch the stories by clicking on the videos below.

ABC World News



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