Arkansas – The Event

Russian Intelligence believe John P. Wheeler III was murdered because he was about to reveal that secret Pentagon quantities of Phosgene gas had been released into the environment. 

Approximately 3,000 red-winged blackbirds rained down from the sky on New Year’s Eve.  The dead birds scattered over a 1.5-square-mile area. That wasn’t the end of The Event.  100,000 dead freshwater drum fish began washing up on the riverbank of the Arkansas River.


U.S. Damned If It Does – Damned If It Doesn’t

 The article quotes an unknown “former Haitian Defence Minister said: “We don’t need the soldiers in Haiti. There’s no war here.”” Something to think about – right! God knows Haiti’s had many Defense Ministers in its struggles throughout the years. Haiti’s also had help from the U.S. military during those years…Read More:

U.S. Damned If  It Does – Damned If It Doesn’t –


All American Face

by Leysa Lowery

What is the all-American face?
Some say it’s white —
Others argue it should be
The face of a Native American —
Others say it’s the faces of
Their children, sweet and innocent,
Or the svelte model
On the cover of the sports magazine —
Or maybe the smiling basketball star —
Or Norman Rockwell’s subject
In a Sunday-go-to-meeting suit.

I saw the all-American face today.
It was worn by a soldier
Dressed in desert camouflage.
He/she was white/black/brown
He/she was smiling
Waving at the camera
Telling his/her spouse/mother/child
“I love you!”
“I’m OK!”
It was a beautiful face
An all-American face.


Presents with a Purpose

Doing good and Changing  the World. Gorgeous gifts that help those in need. Spend a little, Give a Lot. Honor your loved ones, family, friends and co-workers ALL Year! Gifts provides sustainable income to those in need and helps poor and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them above market compensation and access to education and health care.

First Female Buffalo Soldier – Cathay Williams

Cathay Williams (1842 –1892? ) was the first and only known female Buffalo Soldier.


She was born into slavery and worked for the Union army during the Civil War. She posed as a man and enlisted as Williams Cathay in the 38th infantry in 1866. She was given a medical discharge in 1868. Click link to read more:

TGIF ~ Remember the Military/Veterans

Regardless of your feelings about the military and/or war, the people in uniform deserve a prayer, positive thought, moment of silence and/or respect. They are in constant situations that can put them in harms way-even at home. Remember government civilians are in the same boat. There was a civilian killed at Ft. Hood along with those soldiers, just like at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Understand there are hateful people in America, and I’m not talking

about the shooter! I cannot repeat the garbage people wrote on Facebook and Twitter….BUT this is America and the people in uniform are fighting to preserve your right to be free and write garbage if you like!

Remember the families-children who don’t have a mother or  father during this coming holiday season. Remember their mental health. Don’t ignore problems. Be thankful it’s not you!

TGIF~Subterranean New York-Ft. Totten

Subterranean New York – The subterranean tunnel between Fort Totten, Queens, New York andtottenFort Fort Schuyler, Bronx, New York has been a mystery for years. Historians, park rangers and common sense imply it is a myth. The knowledge and skill needed to build a tunnel under more than 100 feet of water, simply wasn’t present at the time, they maintain.